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Property stylist, house pervert, mama and lover all off things beautiful – Lousie Hatcher’s instagram byline sums it up nicely. Louise’s Newcastle based business offers home and property styling, perfect for those who want to refresh an old space or begin a new one. Most recently we have been tracing Louise’s travels via House Perv on the blog Hunter Hunter, where Louise is invited to take a peek into peoples stylish homes.

 Tell us a little about your background?

I am a Japanese and Chinese teacher by trade, a lover of languages and cultures. Ha! I’m not sure how that translates into interiors, but I know the time I spent with these languages and working and living in Japan, along with a gap year in Denmark – they were definitely key to my appreciation for beautiful, and love of design.

I began interior design 7 years ago as an interest while renovating our home ….and got hooked pretty quick! I started working for a Sydney based Interior Designer and while I did travel to Sydney, my work was mostly on local Newcastle projects. I saw and worked on so many amazing homes, and shopped at some amazing shops. I think it’s the teacher in me that needed to share all of this, which is how House Perv and the Shop with a Stylist days started when I launched my own business this year.

We are loving House Perv on Hunter & Hunter…what is your favourite thing about heading into people’s homes??

I love House Perving too…so much!! There really is nothing quite like being invited into someone’s home. I will forever be fascinated by humanity, the way we live and the stories we tell through our homes. House Perv is definitely about the people as much as it is the houses. Oh…and the art! Newcastle loves art, and we love seeing it!!

What would be your top tips for injecting your own personal style into your home?

Firstly, money and style have nothing in common. Great style is about knowing yourself. Be yourself, and your home will follow. We live in such a visual world (I wake up and I’m checking Instagram) and it can be over stimulating and confusing. A great trick I learnt from a stylist friend and use with clients to help them find their personal style is this – get yourself a box, not too big and start collecting your favourite things and everything you love and think is beautiful; fabric swatches, Bunnings paint cards, tear sheets, favourite souvenirs, a scarf, jewellery …whatever! After a few months of collecting you will have a jigsaw puzzle of your personal style. Take time to work out the pieces and your interior and design inspiration will come from you. Then, you will have a beautiful home.

We know you do both Property Styling and Interior Styling…what is the difference there?

There is no difference when it comes to the styling. Make it beautiful. Make the space work.

 What are the key things you like to focus on when styling a home for sale?

My first focus is on the best features of the property and how to highlight them. It is also often about creating space and/or showing potential buyers how they might use a space.   One of the first things I establish is how I run the lounge opposite the console so I can show (the man) where to watch TV! I rarely use televisions as I much prefer art….still training the men to agree!!

And finally..your place?  What are you loving at the moment and what is on your lust list?

I love how indoor plants are so in vogue. For me, plants and books are the base for any inviting and beautiful space.

My lust list? Art. Always art, and we have so many wonderful local artists. Works from James Drinkwater, Belynda Henry and Annie Everingham are definitely on my lust list!

I am also addicted to 1stdibs. It’s like eBay for posh people. I’m not posh, but I love hand-me-downs! A Curtis Jere brass wall sculpture is at the top of my lust list, it would be perfect above our modern white console. I am a big believer in old makes the new better …and same goes switcherooni!

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Press : UW Blog

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 4.00.23 pm Big thanks to the guys at Urban Walkabout for listing us as one of their Top 5 Homewares Heroes. We couldn’t help but share this excerpt from their blog, they have such a way with words! UW is the best place to keep up to date with the latest in Fashion, Design, Food and Lifestyle in your city. This is what the guys had to say:

“With a focus on striking colour and bold design, Willows Home Traders champions the best of Australia’s contemporary artists, designers and crafters. And with staple brands like Bonnie And Neil, Pony Rider, and Kip & Co, this boutique has you covered.

Top pick: With tropical screen prints that come in tablecloths, runners, napkins and tea towels, Bonnie & Neil tableware is available colours like forest green and musk pink. Opt for the Botanical collection by Bonnie And Neil, and bring the outside in.”

Be sure to check out their site at and you can shop the Bonnie & Neil Botanical collection here xx
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We are trilled to see our styling hit the pages of Belle Property Magazine! A little shoot we did with local artist Annie Everingham on the release of her debut limited edition print series. Annie’s art can be explored on our site here and for all your buying and selling property needs be sure to visit




Celebrating 90 years in the game Home Beautiful Magazine has recently featured Newcastle as a must see destination. We couldn’t agree more and are thrilled to be featured amongst great local talents such as Me/Me Homewares, Papa Sven, Alie Jane and Three Bears Kitchen. Big love to the team at Home Beautiful, check out their November Issue out now! x


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SAY HOLA is a collection of art and design by a fresh Melbourne based artist, Maria Flores. Her works celebrate cultures, traditions, nature and people she encounters. A remix of layered patterns, colours and textures in a spontaneous creative explosion tell her story and set the tone for her designs. 

We are excited to bring you Maria’s work: it is fun, symbolic and makes us smile.  We took 5 with her to get some insight into her life and work as an artist. 


Can you describe your work?

I see things in patterns and colour…this is my interpretation of it.  It’s how I manifest and celebrate everything I love.  Creating is a positive experience for me and I hope my audience feels what I put in.  It’s spiritual yet fun, it’s graphic but raw and constantly evolving.  My work speaks a different language as it stays connected to my Latin roots.  

The hand symbol is a motif throughout your work, can you explain its meaning and relevance?

The hand is an important symbol  in my journey, it represents the exchange and connections between people, cultures and spirituality.  The hands are the givers and the receivers it’s what you put in them that’s the key.   Other positive symbols that you’ll find in my work are eyes and triangles as like the hands they are tell a story of guidance and protection, happiness and individuality.


How do you balance creative life in the everyday?

The irony is that if I’m not creating I feel unbalanced….I function better when I’m creating! Its part of my everyday life, it’s not something I have to do, it’s something I want to do so it’s easy to fit it in despite a busy schedule with my little chicas. 

Carlos the Cactus, your 3D sculpture, is lots of fun – how did he come about?

I love plants….all plants, however cacti and kids don’t mix.  So one day after a painful prickly little finger situation in my studio I decided to create a playful and low maintenance sculpture that kids and ‘non green’ thumbs would be happy with.   It was a long but a fun process testing materials, patterns and measurements but in the end Carlos Cactus was born.  


Do you have a favourite cactus?

How can I choose a fave? They’re all amazing in many different ways.  There are so many species of Cacti, some are used as protection in front of houses, others as decorations with their beautiful flowers and some are used in Latin America as Hallucinogenic.  They’re fascinating and spunky (especially Carlos Cactus)!  

What is the Melbourne art scene like?

The Melbourne art scene is very active, there is something for everyone.  I love that there are so many new artists coming together doing collabs creating new pieces together.  Street art is alive and loud….so good for the soul!   There are smaller galleries popping up all over town promoting local artists and creating an art culture that is vibrating.   

What’s next for you?

I have a few exciting projects on the go at the moment….watch this space!  I’m preparing for a solo exhibition early next year in an exciting new space…but shhhh can’t reveal too much for now. 

Do you have a dream collaboration? 

Oh I love a good collab!  I’ve done some pretty dreamy collabs this year and I’ve learnt lots from them…but I think it would be cool to work with original and iconic brands like Adidas, Swatch and with the pattern and colour wizards MASH design house and the fascinating Romance is Born…I’m still dreaming right? 

Maria’s Limited Edition Prints and designs are available to order now either in store or via our website here


Our love for British born, now Melbourne based artist Ali McNabney-Stevens just keeps getting bigger with each series we hang on our walls.  We adore her use of colour and contrast but it’s the passion for what she does that really shines through each piece. Whether it’s a gorgeous still life, aerial-view abstract or nude study, her signature style and unique perspective continues to engage us. With a new series of Limited Edition Prints arriving and some extra special original pieces currently showing we thought it fit to take 5 with Ali and gain some insight into her work.


Where did inspiration come from for your latest print series?

I wanted to offer something for everyone so the inspiration didn’t just come from one place. A nude, a landscape, a watercolour and a floral piece, I felt, offered different palettes and subjects, which would appeal to a wider audience. Also, if I am being totally honest I get bored very easily so approaching the new series in this way kept me focused and offered a challenge to get it right.

How has your work changed over the last few years?

I have been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember and the main change has been the colour. I used to love painting in monotone but now as you can see colour seems to be everything. Beyond the colour I am always thinking I’m not quite where I want to be so my aim is always to move forward and get better. I don’t work that conceptually for the most part so its hard to pin point change but as long as the links in my mind keep joining and moving me forward that is all that matters to me and the work.

What has been career highlight so far?

Front cover of Inside Out I think


You often paint from an aerial perspective – how do you achieve this viewpoint?

I have never been asked this question and I’m so glad you did because it made me think why…so I have and now I know. When I was at art school in Edinburgh I used to fly back and forth to Edinburgh from Northern Ireland ALL the time. I would see everything from up high and those landscapes and the designs of the landscapes of the County Down coast have stuck in my memory. They are so vivid in terms of design that I don’t have to reference anything other than the file in my brain marked Aerial Perspectives

We love your eye for colour, what inspires your combinations?

Hhhhhmmmm difficult one….. not sure that I‘m inspired to put colour combinations together I just start with any colour that speaks to me and then as the painting takes on its own momentum and its own life, it gives me the sign posts as to the next colour or hue

What’s next for you?

A show …probably next year……scary and exciting all at the same time.


Thanks Ali for taking the time! Ali’s new series of prints can be purchased online here, or enquire in store. We also have a few of Ali’s amazing original pieces which you can view here.


Sage & Clare are about to release their summer range called The Caravan Collection and we are over the moon excited to bring it to you. Combing traditional techniques with modern designs the range of bedding, soft furnishings and jewellery is one for the modern bohemians out there.

 Sage & Clare specialise in handmade, limited run products so we will be having a pre-sale on the range before its drop in early October. Our online store is previewing the range where you can shop now for October delivery. 

Now feast your eyes on this amazing range, image credits are as follows:

Styled by Julia Green – Greenhouse Interiors

Photographed by Annette O’Brien

Styling Assistant – Noel Coughlan

Photography Assist – Sorell Wilson

We are excited to introduce you to Willows Home Traders Interior Styling…where our world meets yours!
The team are thrilled to be launching this new service at the upcoming Newcastle Home Show. The three day event has us amongst a fab selection of other local businesses who’s focus is to help your home ideas come to life from concept, through construction to completion.
Our Interior Styling service can help you pull together that room you have been dreaming of.  We provide an interactive, relaxed service where you feel completely comfortable to throw your ideas around with us.  We understand that this is your space, and we want you to LOVE it!
This service is the starting point of any interior styling consultation, where we work with you to establish what your needs are, what you are looking for within your space and establish a personalised brief. We will discuss  your space and provide general advice on styling, placement, accessories and colour.
After our meeting with you we will send you a personalised document, detailing our recommendations and suggestions for your space.  Included in this is a recommended Willows Home Traders product listing of up to 6 items – all of which you will be able to purchase at the special discounted rate from one of our two amazing homewares stores!
For some people, that is all you need to get your style vibe going!  For others, we understand that you might need an extended service.  We are happy to work with you to customise a package that includes purchasing products on your behalf, installation and re-styling of your space and specialised room by room visual edits.
To celebrate the launch of this service we are offering all Home Show attendees an introductory special price of $99 (usually $199), thats 50% your initial consultation!
The Home Show is on at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre from Friday 24th July to Sunday 26th July, grab you early bird tickets via Looking forward to seeing you there! x


We love a good collaboration, and this joint venture is right up there.  NOMI has teamed up with Kip & Co to release the stunning new Pala Chair, and we are thrilled to be one of the limited stockists chosen for its release. 

Award winning Australian designer Tomek Archer has curated the Pala NOMI chair with a simple elegance in mind. Combing form and function into one slick seat the Pala chair is the ideal statement piece for any bedroom, living or study area.

Made from solid American Oak the Pala chair comes flat packed and can be assembled from just 4 pieces, and the best bit, no tools required!

To celebrate the release of this NOMI have teamed up with a Willows favourite Kip & Co. Known for their bright and bold boutique bedding the team behind Kip have given the Pala chair an electric twist with their signature prints covering the chairs.

In limited release the Collaborated Pala chair comes in two bold prints, Matchstick in blue and yellow and the multi-faceted Croc, with a fun mix of brights.

For all the details be sure to check out our online store here, or contact the Darby St store on 02 49293399. 


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